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The TriX2 inline skates are designed for slalom, freestyle or urban skating and are great mid-range boot for these skaters who wants better performance for a reasonable price. Available in 80mm, 84mm, and 90mm setup out of the box!

These skates are very fast, responsive and durable. They feature a plastic shell, unique triangle plastic cuff and a built in liner. This combination is providing good support with optimal front and back motion, close fit and a great energy transfer.

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SEBA TriX2 2015 size 39EU only

Brand: SEBA | See all Products

SKU: S-S-TRIX2-2015
Style: Fitness & Recreational, Freestyle & Slalom, Urban / Freeride

Availability: In stock

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Regular Price: US $360.00

Special Price US $268.97

Recommended for intermediate to advanced skaters seeking a high level of precision and control for city skating.

Perfect for Freeride, City Skating and Freestyle.

Technical details :

  • Boots: Plastic Shell with Triangular Plastic Cuff, Size 35 - 48
  • Closing: Top Velcro Strap + Spider Micrometric Buckle + Front Velcro Strap + Laces
  • Frames: Seba R1 243mm (80mm)
  • Wheels: Seba White CK 80 mm/ 82A
  • Bearings: Twincam ILQ7
  • Custom Color Kits: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Yellow and Red
  • Optional Brake is Available
SKU S-S-TRIX2-2015
Skating Style Fitness & Recreational, Freestyle & Slalom, Urban / Freeride
Brand SEBA
Age Adult, Teenager
Weight (KG) 4.7000

Customer Reviews

Great Skates Review by jaime
Long time skater, getting back into things after several years away.


The SEBA TRIX2 skates just look great to begin with, especially with the Deluxe frame (I upgraded at purchase). The skates appear well made, and sure you can nitpick about tiny imperfections in stitching, or finish, or whatever ... but honestly, after your first skate, they're not gonna be perfect anymore anyway.

Comfort & Fit:

You can't compare this to a soft boot skate like a K2, which is what I was coming from; it's a different animal all together. That said, I had prepared myself for some break-in period of discomfort based on the various online reviews. BUT THERE WAS NONE. The fit was great first time out. Frankly, I'd be surprised if the fit changes drastically after whatever break-in period you want to consider reasonable. I lace them fairly tight, and the overall stiffness makes them very responsive.

There is not a lot of padding to compress, or mold to your foot, especially in the toe box ... perhaps in the heel area, where there is a fair amount of padding, I may see some settling; but I haven't yet (about a dozen skate outings so far). I did have some initial concern about the fit before ordering (again, because of other online reviews ... and SEBA's various sizing charts, etc), but I just called ProSkatersPlace up and spoke with Pavel who helped me out. I also cheated a little because I had just tried on (and returned for free using a different online shop) a pair of SEBA High Lights, in the same size. Again, the fit was great with the High Lights out of the box ... except for a weird pressure spot on my shin. Also, I guess I have narrow/skinny feet because the power straps on the High Lights basically bottomed out (i.e., I could tighten them all the way). This worried me because if the padding settled at all, I would not be able to further tighten the power straps. The heel and toe box padding in the High Lights I feel were identical to what I see on the TRIX2.

So given my experience with the High Lights, I felt reasonably confident that the same size would be appropriate in the TRIX2 ... and since the TRIX2 doesn't have the full wrap around ankle cuff like the High Lights, I figured I could avoid the weird pressure points I experienced on those; Pavel agreed with me. And we were right. Great fit on the TRIX2. Power strap setup is slightly different than on the High Lights and so I get no where near bottoming them out. And I feel that the lack of a full wrap around hard ankle cuff feels better and frankly looks cooler too.

For what it's worth, I wear any where from a US size 12 to 13 shoe. I did do the whole measure-the-max-foot-length exercise using a ruler against a wall. I measured right at 300mm. Which, for both the High Light and TRIX2, would put me just outside the maximum skate size in those models (a size EUR 48). As I mentioned, I had taken a gamble on trying the High Lights first, and since I ordered those from a shop that allowed for free
returns (including shipping), I selected a size EUR 46, which was more in line with what I thought would actually fit. They did, very well actually -- except for the pressure spots I already mentioned. So I stuck with that size when ordering the TRIX2.

Shopping experience:

I especially liked that I could get someone on the phone who knew what they were talking about. even considering that this was last year's model, the price was still great. Shipping time was lengthy, or so it seemed to me. But I just accepted the free level of shipping, and the skates had to go from Canada to Texas, so I'm not really complaining about that. Expedited shipping in my case was simply not worth paying for.

I did email customer support a question: I thought that some of the wheels weren't turning as nicely as the others and was worried about bad bearings. Pavel replied right away with some suggestions, and after following those and skating on them, all was fine.

I also liked that I could customize the skates at purchase time, paying only the difference for the more expensive frame, for example. This is an awesome feature, and I have not seen it available in many places.

The only small negative thing I would say is that 4 of the axles were not the correct ones for the Deluxe frame (they were slightly shorter but still screwed, just not all the way). It was likely a mistake made when they swapped out the original R1 frame and wheels with the Deluxe. I did email customer support questioning this, wondering if it was safe to skate on them, etc. I expected, but did NOT request, them to send out 4 correct axles. I did not get a reply. And frankly, I'm not sure I would have wanted to wait to get the replacements (and I doubt they would have expedited them). So I skated on them once, and just ordered 4 correct axles from another shop; this one in the US -- cost me like $10 total, and I got them in about 2 days.


Super pleased with the skates, and pretty pleased with ProSkatersPlace. I would shop with them again ... and probably will, as I am considering getting a longer GT frame soon so that I can swap out frames and use 90mm wheels on longer/workout skate outings. I don't regret not waiting for the 2016 model, even though they now come with rockerable frames. I can always rocker the deluxe frames by just using smaller wheels. And the price break on the 2015 model made it pretty much a no-brainer. (Posted on 6/22/2016)
Great S Review by Adam West
I want to start off by giving a disclaimer, these are the first non-inline hockey skates I've had in a long while and my first pair of Seba’s ever. My goto skates for as long as I can remember were Alkali skates with Lebada frames. That said onto the review! I’m going to break the review down into several sections: build quality, comfort, Improvments, final thoughts.

Build Quality
The build quality of the Seba Trix2 2015 skate is solid, I can’t really find a fault at all. The boot is stiff, almost as stiff as my old hockey skate but there is a little flex (probably because the skate is designed for freestyle and not hockey). The frames are made from a pretty hefty chunk of aluminum and have little to no flex in them, they way a little more than my Lebada frames but not much. As for the wheels and barings… I’m not thrilled with the bearings they give a good roll but not a great roll and the wheels in my opinion are a little soft for tar / outside use, they work well on a tennis court though.

The skate is crazy comfortable, the biggest thing is getting the right size I’m used to jut going a size down from my shoe size with the Alkali then heat molding it to get the optimal fit, since that’s not an option here I was left to break the skates in the old fashioned way. When I first tried them on I noticed they were quite tight towards the mid part of the skate (where your foot is the widest) but other than that fit very well, and this problem went away after a few skate sessions (long sessions). You inline hockey skaters out there you will notice the boot (especiall at the heel) sits higher off the frame than a typical inline hockey skate, this takes a little getting used to but after a good skate or two you won’t really notice it anymore. The only knock I’m going to give these skates in the comfort department is the laces are not long enough to get the skates super tight which lead to some rubbing in the ankle area, this was fixed with an ankle wrap and longer laces.

4 things Seba can do to make this skate as good as it can be for the price point their going after.

1. Harder wheels, the stock wheels are way to soft for city exploration again great on a tennis court or any smooth surface bad for rougher roads.
2. Longer laces
3. Better bearings, I’m sure these bearings are designed for abuse and I admit this is mostly personal prefference but some lebeda swiss bearings or abec9 would be a nice improvement.
4. This would be the biggest improvement of all, bring the replaceable abreasion pads from the FR series of skates over to the trix series.

Final Thoughts
Great skate for the money and at the price point Its pretty hard to find a better skate. Apart form some small personal preference things I’m very pleased with these skates. The break in period is pretty short with these within a few good skate sessions there pretty much good to go (I know people report a long break in period with seba skates but that wasn’t my case). I would recommend checking this skate out first before looking into the more expensive offerings out there, especially if your just getting into freestyle.
(Posted on 7/27/2015)

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