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Adapt Brand



Heart for Skates...

Vision: Adapt is a brand that is not being ruled by numbers and profits. This would affect our way of producing high end boots and most of all our way of thinking. By not having to worry about big stocks that need to be sold we can put all our effort in creating the best product we possibly can. It is our love for skates that drives us to put energy in creating dreams. Adapt is the dream we all chase. It is the road towards perfection, you can be a part of it. Adapt is a different direction, a different mind.

The Adapt Brand is a Dutch boot company founded by Olga Bouwhuis and Pieter Wijnant. By creating a unique boot design with only the best materials, Adapt is putting its mark on the industry. Every step we take is to offer you a improved product. A high-end skate with unique features like the symmetrical soulplate system, the Sixmount mounting, lightweight carbon/kevlar structure and a perfect fit, all designed from scratch. It is our goal to treat every skate that is made like it is ours. Adapt is a handmade experience. Adapt is the first contemporary skate brand with a blank background. No old molds, no big corporations backing it up, a completely new skate just made for rolling. Rollerblading is growing up. Time for our boots to follow.

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