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Adapt Heat Molding

Adapt boots are completely heatmoldable. Because of the use of special fibers, your Adapt boot can be molded at lower temperatures. There are three areas of interest for heatmolding: the cuff area, the toecap and the base of the boot. When your Adapt boot fits perfectly out of the box, we urge you not to heatmold them. The warmth your feet created while skating, will gradually adjust the foam liner and leather skin to your feet. The carbon shell, however, will not be affected by this. If you feel you need to shape the shell to your feet, you should indeed heatmold them. Heatmolding is a difficult process which can go wrong when you are inexperienced or do not follow the guidelines.

Please note: before heatmolding the Adapt Zero / GTO boots you need to remove the wheels/bearings/axles but to keep the frames mounted! After warming the boots in the oven you can put them on your feet. Do not stand on the skates, just simply sit down on a chair and put your feet on the floor.

Heatmolding the cuff area: the cuff area contains the least fibers of the shell and is therefore the easiest to heatmold. You can form the shape of the cuff a bit outwards when you feel it is too tight around your ankle. NOTE: you cannot change the forward flex of the cuff by pushing the cuff more forward or backwards. If you do this you can damage the shell internally. If you have wide ankles, it is suggested to lacing the boot leaving the 3 top eyelets unused. This way the base of the skate forms to your foot while the top doesn't get too close to your ankle/leg. If you have narrow ankles and feel the top part of the boot is a bit too lose, you can lace them up all the way, getting the top part more close to your ankle/leg.

Heatmolding the toe box: If your adapts feel a bit too tight around your toes, it is possible to make a bit more room in the toe area. The toe box only consists of the heatmoldable fiber and is therefore easily moldable. NOTE: if you push out the toebox too far, you will put stress on the skin, which can cause wrinkles around the toe.

Heatmolding the base of the boot: If you have a pressure point somewhere on the base of the boot, you can push the shell a bit outwards. This will be the most difficult part to heatmold since the base consists of several layers of fibers, making it more sturdy.Please use the instructions in the next section to heatmold and if you have further questions about heatmolding, please contact us.

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