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Adapt brings you a new experience in rollerblading, the first of its kind - The Adapt Hyperskate. It is Handmade in Europe out of genuine Italian/Dutch leather!

Over 2 years have been spent to create the unique vision of Adapt co-owner Pieter Wijnant. As a result, they have created the fastest rollerblading boot ever with an ultimate responsiveness and that is built to withstand everything you throw at it. It is rigid and lightweight at the same time and aimed exclusively at the commuter and speed/fitness skater. The Adapt Hyperskate model is named the Zero. Built to give the ultimate skating experience with no concessions made in quality and design to create the skate that will move you forward fast. It is not designed for Slalom / Freestyle. The Adapt Zero boots are fully heatmoldable (please follow the instructions).

A new thermoplastic shell was developed for the Zero which forms perfectly around your foot and gives you ultimate control and responsiveness. The skate is completed with a 7000-grade CNC machined frame with a 260mm wheelbase made by Symetrics, super fast and super long lasting Symetrics CORSE84R wheels and Symetrics ABEC7 bearings.

The 3x110mm setup is equipped with Flying Eagle Supersonic frame (Black, Purple, Blue, Red) and Gyro Valkiry Red 110mm wheels.

Please Note: Unlike the other Adapt models, this boot is non-UFS. This means that UFS frames will not fit on this boot, only 165mm mount freeskate or speedskate frames.Sizes marked as 'In Stock' can be shipped directly. Sizes marked as 'Backorder' will be specially hand-made for you in Europe. This will take about 3-4 weeks for this product.

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ADAPT Hyperskate Zero 2016

Brand: Adapt Brand | See all Products

Style: Fitness & Recreational, Freestyle & Slalom, Speed Skating, Urban / Freeride

Availability: In stock

Ships Wednesday, August 22 if ordered in the next 10 hours and 34 minutes!

Regular Price: US $655.00

Special Price US $448.97

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Regular Price: US $655.00

Special Price US $448.97

Perfect for Freeride, Urban, City Skating. Cruising, Fitness

Technical details:

  • Boots: Lightweight, impact absorbing Carbon/Kevlar "Hyperskate" shell with integrated cuff
  • 100% thermoplastic shell with heat moldable tongue
  • Adapt Hydro nubuck leather skin with breathable air-mesh lining and inner leather heel
  • High density memory foam
  • Mysole "Hyperskate" insoles
  • Cut-to-size straps with bolt protectors
  • New v2 Canadian waxed laces (200cm/78.75inch)
  • Closure: Top Velcro strap, and laces
  • Frames: 7000 Aircraft grade Aluminium, 4x84 - 260mm machined 
  • Frame mount: 165mm mount
  • Wheels: Symetrics CORSE84R
  • Bearings: Symetrics ABEC7


  • Weight: 836 gr (1 lb 13 oz) each boot (size 42EU)
  • Available in size 36 - 47 EU / 4,5 - 13 US
  • Handmade in Holland 


Skating Style Fitness & Recreational, Freestyle & Slalom, Speed Skating, Urban / Freeride
Brand Adapt Brand
Age Adult, Teenager
Weight (KG) 4.5000

Customer Reviews

hands down an experience worth partaking Review by aesthenix
copying and pasting a comment i posted in Reddit not too long ago w/ some extra info:

i have experiences with skating Trix 2 and Seba High Lights. the Hyperskates are my first carbon skates and dang it to heck if i am not full blown impressed. yes, first the looks. they look like leather boots which is a plus for me cause i wear them at the office (office storage location where i go back and forth between 2 offices, so skating is a plus). they don't look like a friggin fancy spiced up set of boots to attract so much attention in whatever form that is, and blend nicely with standard attire. they look professional and can easily blend in with professional attire. i feel like i can be taken seriously as a person that enjoys skates rather than feeling like "another of those dang rollerbladers", if you know what i mean.

next, tbh i'm not an aggressive skater, so i'm not one to say how they do under punishment. they aren't made for that though, but the GTO's are.

as far as smoothness goes, they are a beaut to skate with, and with the Symetrics setup of frames+wheels+bearings, even moreso as long as you're on smooth pavement. when you're skating broken Houston streets, you'd feel everything that runs under your wheels, which could really suck at times, but adjusting mentality to push through it, and also having switched the wheels to something like the Hydrogens, or going the big wheel route, makes for a much improved experience. it is incredibly notable tho that once you hit smooth pavement, it feels like a smooth dream. just puuuure blisssss. sigh, i love it. x) and with the leather covering, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, like a thick tight-wrapped sock, which is just beautiful. no multi-buckles and straps; just the simplicity of tight hockey laces and the top strap. the boot is firm where it needs to be, and soft where it needs to be. the only pressure points you'll feel are what you don't heat mold out.

hockey laces definitely hold the foot snug and firmly rigid and has the capability of overtightening. I'd say that even if buckles were added, it wouldn't help a dern thing. your foot really is that secure to the sole.

the top Velcro strap is something else. it's incredibly strong Velcro, smthg I've not seen before. had no idea Velcro like it exists. must be an increase in the amount of and rigidity of hooks. and the leather used on the strap is double layered for extra rigidity. it has to be experienced to be believed. not sure if there's much pressure put on it to allow the strength of the strap itself to be tested though, because the back of the skate is open. so really, the strap acts just as a bridge on the front of the skate and connecting the carbon sides. there is no pressure to the back at all.

another plus note on the Adapts. I don't really recall sweating much in them. I skate with a group for 12 miles with a mid-break, and also do hours at a time at the rink spent in both the Seba boots and Adapts. my feet definitely break a sweat in those Seba's. that feeling of taking off your boots and experiencing the coolness of your feet and leaving behind moisture.... that's definitely decreased a major amount in Adapts compared to the Seba's. having so much less padding and less cloth, I imagine, does that trick well. I never really reach that drenching amount of sweat that you normally get from the regular boots.

these skates are missing the tight ankle cuff support needed for slalom. Adapts have a cuff and carbon firmness to the sides (enough that will work fairly well), but it leaves the back wide open so that you can point your toes. that open back adds to the freeing feeling you have with the skate (it's built like and as a speed skate), but for slalom and for technical precision of moving in slalom, having that tight cuff support is almost a must or your leg/foot muscles will need to compensate.

another drawback i've found is that the Hyperskate 2016 model has a small issue with Flying Eagle frames. there are 2 bolts that are next to each other in each mounting point. the Flying Eagle frames seem to have the holes in their frames a tad too small for full compatibility with this skate model. so what ends up happening is that one of the bolts is able to be screwed in flush flat, but the other mounting screw semi-intersects it, just a tad right over it. i've done multi-runs through Houston streets with it, and there was no shaking the bolts though, so from here again it's just a minor detail problem.

by far though, for me, the Adapts are easily my favorite set of skates and it's hard for me to find another skate that can replace it for me anytime soon (except the 2017 and GTO versions ;). it's amazing for what it's made for and rests in a class on its own. (Posted on 1/5/2018)
Dream skates Review by theskateescape
Thee skates have probably ruined all other skates for me.

I skate for fitness but I like to be able to get around whatever urban area I need to because Boston's commuter path situation is fragmented, so about a year ago I climbed down from my long-ass K2 fitness skates and decided to shell out a fortune on these sexy things (they were a couple hundred more expensive last year). Even at that price, these were worth it.

The boot is so comfortable and so supportive. I got them on the smaller side - a full size down from my shoes - and now they fit like a shapely glove. They even felt great at first but now they feel fantastic. The frames take everything I throw at them, which has come to include a lot in this rickety city. I have never heard bearings hum at high speeds before, but apparently that's what these ones do right before they blow your nips off.

I wanted something that acts like a hockey skate for working on all the basics I wanted to work on (crossovers, reverse crossovers, hockey stops, etc). But I also wanted it to be comfortable for long trips (2-3 hours) and not look like ass. These delivered big time on all of those.

They came apart on me once early on in the middle of skating. The frame came off the boot. Luckily I found the bolts that flew off. I think they just weren't tightened quite anough, because after I screwed them back in (they're just hex bolts) they haven't come out again since.

I also have to mention the customer service was great. I originally ordered a more expensive frame, pretty much because it was more expensive and I was being impulsive. The guy handling my order - I forget his name - called and made sure I didn't want the default (cheaper) one because it was apparently the better frame anyway. Who knew. I still don't know what I'm talking about but I trust any sales rep that is trying me sell me on the cheaper option.

Would have given a 4 out of 5 from me on price for what I paid, but at its current price these are an awesome deal. I gave back that star because my impulsive ass was the one that ordered the newest model.
(Posted on 8/1/2017)
inline comfort with hockey manuverability Review by Jenny and kevin
Dude the skates fit amazingly. I'm a size 9us or 42uk and went to a size 8us or 41uk with the skate. I knew from ski instructing that the skate has potential to pack out and now after a 3 HR Sesh they fit Like a glove. The 84 mm wheels feel perfect. Just big enough to feel a difference from 80mm but not too much to feel out of control. The whole skate seems just as light as my hockey skates. The lace and strap combo make them extremely versatile. I tied them as tight as I could and speed skated down some steep hills. And then loosened the strap and laces and did some fancy foot work. I'm blown away at the stiffness comfort combination. There is a ton of lateral stiffness. The only thing I noticed I have to get used to is the frame being a teeny bit longer from my 243mm frame. They have insane heel hold like I feel like I could skate without the laces and straps. I understand now what's been said about feeling the road but able to take high impacts drops. I think theframe bing a solid frame combined with the wheels that have great rebound makes this possible. (Posted on 7/3/2017)
Best skates I've ever used Review by Chris
These are amazing. The Adapt Hyperskate Zero fits like a comfortable speed skate boot, with a higher ankle cuff(which sorta limits its use for that particular niche). The extra support in the ankle area adds to its utility for an all-around skate; definitely NOT a beginner's skate, as it really points up skating technique: if you toepick, you may feel it in your arches afterwards.
That said, the power transfer! the control! the speed! the comfort! all get five stars. The frames are a piece of art as well, and seem to have almost no flex at all--very responsive, and for such a middle-length frame, very stable yet maneuverable.
Seriously, probably the best all-around skate boot and frame combination on the planet at this time...with the possible exception of the 2017 model. I'd love to try that one, but what's the point of having two pair of hyperskates...? (Posted on 5/9/2017)
The upgrade I was looking for Review by Daniel
First of all I'd like to begin by thanking Pavel for his assistance in selecting and sizing these skates. I have flat feet and bunions which make the process more tricky but these have checked all the boxes.

I'll start at the ground and work up. The wheels have a fairly narrow speed profile and provide a nice balance of grip and slide. In many respects they remind me of the Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels (which I consider a good thing). I went for the ILQ9 Slalom Pro bearings rather than stock so I won't comment other than saying they do their job well.

The frames are stiff and well positioned on the foot, suiting my skating (mixed city/trail and commute) very nicely. Their length means they are a little less suitable for downhill (I tried them at about 30mph and they were definitely twitchy) but for my typical speeds (10-20mph) they work very nicely. The frames stiffness contributes to the power transfer and gives a lot of road feel.

The lower of the boot and rear of the cuff are all one (layered) piece of heat moldable kevlar/carbon composite. Size wise I'd say they are true to length (according to the sizing guide) or fractionally longer and relatively wide (no problems with my bunion). The boot, by default, is relatively wide at the cuff but generally well anatomically shaped (including a pretty nice insole). Since my feet are flat I ordinarily pronate slightly but the arch of the boot and insole prevented this. The stiffness also gives a good road feel and power transfer.

The upper is nubuck leather and it feels very sturdy. I've scuffed and scraped them a few times and they show minimal wear. Being leather they will also shape to your foot with time. The liner does a good job of taking up any slack in the fit giving a tight but comfortable fit. The result is little to no movement of the foot in the boot avoiding friction (blisters) as well as reducing slop.

The fastening works extremely well. The waxed laces allow for a very precise fit without the usual hassle of pulling and trying to hold on tension while you pull the next loop. The velcro strap also feels very sturdy. Note that the intended way to adjust forward flex on the cuff is how far up you lace the skates: maximum flex by omitting the top 3 eyelets to minimum flex by lacing all the way up.

I'll comment on the look next, which is pleasant indeed. You can tell a lot of effort was put into the aesthetics while maintaining function. They look like skates that mean business and indeed they do. The finish is very nice from the shell to the tongue and eyelets. If I were to get a second pair I might consider the customs direct from adapt but to be honest their isn't much I'd change, style wise.

Finally onto function. For me the fit was reasonable out of the box but was improved by heat molding. The stiffness gives a very direct responsive feel as well as a clear feeling from the road. I can distinctly feel cracks passing under my feet and road surface variations. This yields a little more buzz on some surfaces than I'm used to but in return I get excellent feedback about the road's surface which is critical for safe skating. The other benefit is in terms of directness of control. The edges are very easy to find and power can be delivered efficiently meaning I can readily maintain 4 minute miles (on decent surfaces) and have got to about 25mph on the flat (for one mile).

The lack of hardware on the skate makes them extremely quiet in use. On a smooth surface all I hear is the wind; on a rough one all I get is the sound of the vibration rather than bolts and buckles rattling around like I'm used to. They also seem to handle rolling off curbs and stairs well, as well as jumping obstacles. This is something that surprised me as I'd expected the stiffness to lead to uncomfortable shocks and landings but somehow it feels quite smooth. I suspect the stiff connection with the skates allows me to more naturally employ my body to absorb the impact.

Overall I think these skates fit nicely into the growing niche of city skating. Though I'm a bike commuter (15 mile round trip) I've been using these skates for to commute weekly and, despite being a little slower, it's very enjoyable. If you are looking for a fast, manoeuvrable, comfortable skate and appreciate build quality and their aesthetic I don't think you'll go far wrong with these. They are definitely on the more pricey end of the spectrum but you get a premium product for the (premium) price. (Posted on 9/8/2016)
MINDBLOWING!!!!!! Review by Tonedawg
I have been skating all my life. I probably do a few hundred kilometres of city skating every month. The team at ProSkaters Place were incredible through the whole process of researching and choosing the right skate. These skates are expensive... but worth every penny! I can't believe the crap I was skating on till now! With Pavel's assistance we customized these skates to the point that I feel I may have the most awesome skates in Canada!!! And these boots are so well made they'll probably last me decades! Don't worry Pavel... I'll be shredding these wheels so I'll be back for more products and service!!! (Posted on 7/18/2016)
The most gorgeous skates ever! Review by Rex
These are the most beautiful skates I've ever skated in, it's performance while making a fashion statement. The boots are comfortable on the get go, though it takes a little bit more time to get in and out of due to the waxed laces but the laces do hold.
These skates just makes you want to do 10 miles everyday at the least.
And for the price, these skates are well worth it, high quality boots and excellent frames! (Posted on 5/17/2016)
Makes my heart beat faster to think of skating them Review by MichaelMay
The Adapt hyper skates came out of their box the day they arrived and I took a 10K warmup.
Previously I had been skating the same pair of K2s like a dutiful husband for almost 15 years. OK, fine.

But the Hypers are like taking a supermodel to a Formula race on a chopper; sexy, form-fitting, ready to give you what you want and need; uncompromising head-turners.

Yes, I got a tiny blister high up on my leg (I wore thin cotton socks, oops), but the EU 43 boots fit my US 11 narrow like a you-know-what with 2mm of toe clearance, cradling my foot in comfort and freeing me to focus on performance.
I had expected to be in pain while breaking in a carbon fiber boot, but repeated skates have proven that wrong. It fits like a running shoe and skates like a dream.

Even my uber-athletic dog noticed the difference as we raced through the neighborhood. Normally at my side the whole way, he needed a rest break about half way into the trip! My split times confirm this.

I like the simplicity of the lace-up design. I don't miss all the straps and cinches. The waxed laces stay in place and the only compromise I have to make is a bit more time to loosen the laces each time I get in and out; not so much to ask from beautiful, stylish and high-performance gear.

How often do you get to buy the very best of a product for this price? Priced Ducatis or Maseratis lately?

Fast, fun and sporty!
(Posted on 11/5/2015)

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